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Eco bus garden


Jovan, Jovana, Luka and Aleksandra







Ecosystem restoration


Finalist of the Global Children's Designathon 2022, Serbia

We dealt with the problem of air pollution and lack of green areas in the city, and our focus is the sustainability of the city ecosystem by building a self-sustaining bus station. This station has solar panels that convert solar energy into electricity that is used to power LED lamps that light up in the evening and illuminate the station. Within the station, there is a "plant carpet" that feeds and maintains planted plants using a humidity meter that controls the micro bit, an ecological video game that actually collects donations from citizens for the purpose of landscaping the city. This solution helps passengers while waiting for the bus to be in the shade, and the city to be stations "green islands" because they absorb carbon dioxide and create oxygen. The prototype was conceived with integration with Makey Makey, micro bit, simple electronics and Scratch.
"We as a community should cooperate in creating a healthier and more ecologically advanced planet that we leave to future generations," said the project team, "Eco Bus Garden".

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