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Piezoelectric generator


Nguyễn Hữu An Nguyên, Nguyễn Bá Huân, Trương Thụy, Nguyễn Văn Anh Tuấn, Nguyễn Minh Khiêm & Hoàng Ngọc Khánh Linh


15 & 14


Hanoi, Ban Mai School




Clean energy


Winner of the Global Children's Design-a-thon 2021, Vietnam

In our modern age, the fast growing rate of automation leads to the increasing need of energy consumption. However, the energy generated from coal, gases and so on is limited and non-renewable.
Also, one of the biggest challenges is that the unsustainable revolution causes environmental pollution.
In order to tackle the mentioned hurdles, one type of energy is considered, which is called clean energy such as solar, water and wind energy.
After some days studying on this subject, we are now interested in the energy fluctuation, and all the members decide to use it as our main power source to generate eletricity.
The product we think about is a piezoelectric generator made from piezo sensors. Piezoelectricity generates electric power based on the imbalance of connection among crystals inside. In other word, piezo electric materials turn applied mechanical stress, like pressure, soundwaves and other vibration into electricity and vice versa.
To be more details, a piezoelectric generator can be used to extract energy from ambient vibrations. For that purpose, a proof mass is firmly attached to one end of a bender, while the other end is fixed onto a vibrating case . The voltage supplied to the piezoelectric material produces internal stresses, which create active damping. The power which brakes the movement of the proof mass is not dissipated into heat but is converted into electrical power and fed back to an electrical load.
There are some considerable advantages that a piezoelectric generator can bring to us:
Firstly, the materials to make a piezoelectric sensor are easy to find and affordable.
Secondly, it requires no external power source and creates a source of clean or environmentally-friendly energy.
Thirdly, it can be applied in many fields. To illustrate, it now exists in our daily life such as watches, printers and barbeque lighter. Also, some are used under pavements on Oxford streets. Even it can provide up to 60% of the electric need in a dance club in London.

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