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Our mission is to empower 1 million children in 10+ countries around the world to become changemakers for a better world. Our dream is for society to see children as they really are: integral co-designers of our collective future!



Our Impact in Numbers

Since 2014, the Designathon Works network has enabled:

In numbers
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Participants are diverse, ranging from newcomers in developed cities to children living in the slums of the developing world. 

Their families are influenced by their enthusiasm, concern and ensuing dialogue on the designathon’s themes.



Municipalities and organisations integrate children's perspectives, insights, and solutions on local issues into policy decisions. 


Schools that adopt our method in the classroom also report a noticeable behaviour change in their children.



The mindsets of many are influenced by our research reports. Over time, we are helping decision-makers worldwide understand the value of children’s voices and ideas. 

Empowering the next generation relies on the support of  your  generation
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Amplifying Impact Globally, by Networking Locally

In each SDG-linked challenge we host, we strive to set up rich collaborations between our Network Partners and our sponsors: companies, social enterprises and NGOs. Together, all the actors in our ecosystem align to influence decision makers & policymakers, ensuring the voices of youth are heard on topics such as clean energy, water scarcity, inequality, and sustainable food systems.


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How we work with children

Our Dream

What if we all saw children as changemakers, activists, scientists or inventors? What if every child was offered a path to develop these abilities? Designathon Works' ultimate dream is to empower 1 million #ChangemakerChildren around the world. Our annual Global Children’s Designathon is helping to make this dream come true.

We asked our participants to share their dreams for a better future with us, these are their answers:

Children speak up
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