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Sea turtle protector


Alayna, Maheen and Jahanara








Finalist of the Global Children's Designathon 2023, Pakistan

The team created a sign board that can be used on tourist beaches to warn people, especially tourists, about any turtle egg nests on the beach. The green turtle is considered an endangered species, and one reason contributing to this issue is the overharvesting of their eggs. They usually nest at Hawkesbay-Sandspit beach in Karachi. The team wanted to design a signboard with sensor lights that would be a sufficient warning for tourists and seagulls to keep away from the turtle nesting areas on the beach. They also designed an electronic information booklet regarding biodiversity to reduce paper consumption and decided to use driftwood to create these signboards. The team planned to develop LED light circuits with sensors and solar batteries but used the basic switch circuit for the actual day. They also added an extra element of using reflective tape to ward off seagulls at night and during the day.

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