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Global Children's Designathon 2024:
an international challenge for children circular design

This year, children aged 8-12 will embark on a journey to understand the principles of circular living. They will delve into the challenges of our current production and consumption practices, exploring their impact on climate change and the profound connection between design and their daily lives. The creative question guiding their efforts is powerful:

What circular design can you imagine for a better future?

To guide their creative process, they are encouraged to focus on one solution area within their chosen category, seeking designs for products and lifestyles that: use fewer resources, last longer, are multifunctional and prevent waste.

Join us in this remarkable journey, together, let's inspire, innovate, and design a world that thrives in harmony with all living things!


Learn more and join our international network of #ChangemakerChildren here. 

Global Children's Designathon 2024_ Make it Circular.png


JBecome a member of our community platform.


Download the workshop materials as well as communications materials to help promote your event.


The Global Children's Designathon will take place on April 20, 2024. During the day, children will work on their ideas and connect with their peers from other countries.


Send us your best ideas and we will post them in our Library of Ideas.

Join with your classroom/after-school club and become a part of our international network of #ChangemakerChildren!
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