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Global Children's Designathon: an international challenge for children on restoring biodiversity

During the Global Children’s Designathon (GCD) 2023 children (ages 8-12) will learn about biodiversity: what it is, what the main causes of the loss in biodiversity are and how it affects the planet and the future of all living things. In order to maintain a focus with such a broad topic, across species and ecosystems we will focus on two main ecosystems:


Our cities where many small animals, birds and insects live and where there is much room for innovation towards a convivial form of life. Convivial as in living together with respect for humans and all other forms of life at the same time.

National parks and reservations where wildlife can be found. Here too we will zoom in on the concept of conviviality and learn from indigenous peoples practices where they have lived together with other life forms for centuries.


Learn more and join our international network of #ChangemakerChildren here. 

Global Children's Designathon 2023


Register using the link below:


You will receive complete instructions on how to organize the event in your country/region, plus communication materials to promote your event.


In January, you will receive the workshop materials, and you will also be invited to participate in a webinar (in March).


Global Children's Designathon on 25th March 2023! During the day children will work on their ideas and connect with their peers from other countries.

Join with your classroom/after-school club and become a part of our international network of #ChangemakerChildren!
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