An international challenge for children on climate change crisis

During the Global Children’s Designathon 2022 children (ages 8-12) learn about the main causes of the climate change crisis, the science behind it and how it affects the planet and vulnerable people. The teachers and children are invited to reimagine and restore our relationship with the earth. By learning to restore ecosystems such as our cities, rivers and farmland and getting inspired as to new ways of co-existing with life on our planet. Ways in which we no longer exploit natural resources for short term use but start thinking of future generations and long term thriving of the planet and people.


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Global Children's Designathon 2022.png


Designathon workshops in classrooms and after school clubs in 24 countries globally.

[24 January to 21 March]


Global Learning & Exchange Week: one week dedicated to learning, sharing, and taking action to tackle climate change through ecosystem restoration.

[14 to 18 March]


Each GCD country host selecting the 10 team finalists and inviting them for the finale.

[22 to 25 March]


Chosen finalists are invited to the festive finals, where they will build prototypes and present them to a panel of experts, their parents and an audience.

[On 9th April]

Join with your classroom/after-school club and become a part of our international network of #ChangemakerChildren!