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Welcome to the Global Learning and Exchange Week - one week dedicated to learning, sharing, and taking action to tackle climate change through ecosystem restoration. Children (aged 8-12) and their educators will benefit from inspirational talks from youth and industry leaders and learning and exchange opportunities to further develop their ideating, sketching, prototyping and pitching skills - positioning them as changemakers in the battle against climate change.

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The four main parts of the program


Children learn more from the theme experts and connect with youth changemakers. This in order to deepen their learnings and increase their agency.


Children connect with other classrooms across the world to exchange their learnings, ideas and concepts with each other. This in order to truly develop their global citizenship skills, peer to peer learning and to learn about other contexts.


Children receive an opportunity to develop their ideating, sketching and prototyping skills. This in order to further develop their creative (thinking) and communication skills.


All participating classrooms/groups will gather in one big online session for an inspiring keynote. This culminating event will be the first of its kind, representing the voices of children from across the globe, coming together for the planet.


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