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Air garden









Finalist of the Global Children's Designathon 2023, China

Introducing the Air Garden, a multi-level garden suspended in the air above the city using magnetic levitation technology. Each level is independently suspended without any supporting pillars, creating a stunning and unique visual experience. The garden is filled with a variety of flowers that bloom all year round, providing a rich source of food for butterflies and other pollinators. A small artificial sun is also installed nearby, regulating the lighting and climate of the garden.
In addition, an external hormone diffuser is installed above the garden to attract even more butterflies and bees. The Air Garden serves as an innovative solution to restore biodiversity in cities, adding beauty and natural appeal to urban environments.
The garden also provides an opportunity for education and awareness-raising, with interactive displays and signs that explain the importance of biodiversity and the role of pollinators in our ecosystem. It is not just a beautiful and innovative addition to the cityscape, but also a valuable tool for environmental education and community engagement.

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