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Dog haven cruiser









Finalist of the Global Children's Designathon 2023, China

The Dog Haven Cruiser is a mobile shelter designed to provide a safe and comfortable haven for homeless dogs. Its unique shape resembles a giant dog bone, which makes it instantly recognizable to dogs and draws them inside. The shelter is equipped with two cozy kennels on each side, where dogs can rest and sleep comfortably. Each kennel is equipped with water and food containers, which are automatically refilled through a system of pipes connected to a storage unit on the ceiling.
The interior of the Cruiser is air-conditioned, ensuring that dogs are comfortable even in hot and humid weather. There is also a surveillance camera on the door, which allows for remote monitoring of the dogs inside. In addition, there is a radar system installed under the steps, which can detect the presence of dogs within a five-meter radius. When a dog is detected, the door opens automatically using a motion sensor, inviting the dog inside.
The walls are equipped with a dog language translator, which can interpret barks, growls so it allows people to understand the needs and emotions of the dogs. It is designed to be mobile and easy to move around, thanks to the wheels attached to the bottom. The power source of the shelter comes from the solar panels on the roof.

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