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Life under the sea


Nguyen Dang Bao







Ecosystem restoration


Finalist of the Global Children's Designathon 2022, Vietnam

A vehicle to support the collection of waste and oil at sea called "Life under the sea": The boat is special. This special operation is completely solar powered with a battery system mounted on the roof of the boat, energy will be stored in the power supply to operate the engine and crusher.

When the boat moves forward, creating an opposite force to put garbage into the net, then the garbage will automatically be collected into the storage compartment, and then through the conveyor system, it is brought into the treatment chamber. Here, the garbage will be crushed to reduce the volume and increase the garbage storage space. Garbage after crushing will be brought ashore, mixed with cement and additives to be recycled into construction bricks.

The boat is integrated with a breakwater at the front, which has the effect of zoning and clearing oil spills on the sea into an area, then using a turbine engine to suck up the oil and put it in the upper container. The resulting mixture has both oil and water stored in the tank, the lighter oil should float to the top, the water below will be released back to the sea to reduce the load of the boat.

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