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SNB house


Dương Gia Linh, Nguyễn Thiện Phong, Nguyễn Thị Lâm Oanh, Đỗ Khánh Hưng, Nguyễn Mai Anh & Vương Trần Anh



Hanoi, Ban Mai School




Clean energy


Finalist of the Global Children's Design-a-thon 2021, Vietnam

Originated with the aim to bring clean energy to almost everyone and the idea of a wind turbine motor, a device model called SnB House that has a similar structure to the wind turbine, is created to generate energy. SnB House itself has a bright, colorful set of colors. The most outstanding feature of this machine is biomass and solar implementation to generate clean energy.

The device is designed with two parts, the exterior and the interior of the house. The exterior of our prototype is designed in the form of a house. There are solar panels on the roof of the house. It has batteries and a remote control showing parameters. Inside the prototype, there is a trash can, a trash can heater, a container with enzyme powder, water, and a turbine.

This device processes through 4 steps. Firstly, customer dump the food waste and the plant waste into the trash bin. When the bin reaches its maximum capacity, we will press a button to pour the waste into the trash can heater. Waste will be disintegrated by enzyme powder, yeast.

Next, the process will receive methane, which is crucial to produce energy. The third step is that these methanes will be pumped into the turbine and pressure the turbine to spin, which helps produce electricity. And the final step, the process is that all of the generated electricity is transmitted to the battery so that we can use it with ease.

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